Global Blockchain C50

The"global bock chain knowledge popularization and transmission positive energy"as the theme of the global block chain 50 city activities, was widely noted by the industry experts, senior media, famous investors.

Mar 11, 2018, the 30th events of Global Blockchain C50 for Investors held in Beijing. Mr. Roman,CMO OF Halal Chain;Mr YU xiaolei,Founder of Block Chain Workshop;Mr Yu Jianing, Director of the Institute of Industrial Economics; as the gust to gave the speeches on the theme of block chain. Mr.Yu jianing’s statements” To embrace the industrial block chain era“ as the theme of the speech; Besides, Mr.YU xiaolei presented the“ block chain understanding of the revolution. the three ideology and business model.”

Mr.Roman,  CMO of Halal chain,on the theme of“ understand the revolution in the block chain;halal chain will reshape the global Islamic economy“, he introduced the solution to the traceability of halal food, combine with block chain technology and food industry to solve the pain points in the circulation of halal food. Particularly, the halal chain could promote the development of the global Islamic economy, and provide opportunities for the development of the derivative industry.

The data shows that enterprises in the area of block chain investment is rising trend in 2017. As of the third quarter of 2017, the number of active corporate investors reached a high of 91 percent, just below the number of venture firms investing in the sector; the agency has made 42 equity investments in block chain technology companies, with a total value of $327 million trillion.

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